Join the 164+ students already registered for JOURNEY at the BCM:

It is a weekly opportunity to connect with other freshmen in "Journey Group" Bible studies led by upperclassmen.  Every week you will be encouraged and challenged as you grow closer to your group and to Christ.  Journey will surround you with people that intentionally and lovingly want to walk with you through freshmen year as you each pursue Christ.

What the Journey program offers YOU: 

Brief large group teaching
Small group discussion
Bible study
Prayer & accountability
Community building
Meeting new guys & girls
Fellowship with awesome people
Being part of a great small group
Figuring out how Christ fits into this whole college thing

This year's study: REAL PEOPLE OF THE BIBLE

If you are a first year student at Louisiana Tech and want to join a Journey group today, simply click the button below! If you want more information, email us at with any questions.